Wellness Workshop (Wed May 25th)

Wellness Workshop (Wed May 25th)

  • $15.00

What is a Wellness Workshop?

A one hour a week investment into your own personal health.  Think of it as a group of close friends meeting for coffee to support you and your health goals! You will learn about yourself and what easy methods you can use to improve your own health. Making you the best possible version of yourself!

You will be attending workshops filled with useful information, tips, strategies and skills needed to change your behaviours and make healthy choices in the areas of mental health, natural living, stress management, nutrition, sleep, exercise, and more. This workshop helps  deal with common health problems ongoing in your life, and managing chronic illnesses.

Our Group Wellness Workshop series focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle to you and your families through using universal learning principles, case studies, holistic medicine and best practices to provide practical information, tools, and resources that will support your health for a long term change.  Delivered in a virtual group setting this weekly workshop offers a safe place to discuss ongoing issues, peer support and goal management.

Workshop is delivered via Zoom in the comfort of your own home. 8am-9am

*This workshop will be hosted online, you will recieve all materials via mail and an email link and guide to how to join online*