{Greeting Card} Mother's Day Pouch

  • $12.99

Kale & arugula microgreens. 60 grams product weight Dehydrated coconut coir growing medium | organic kale & arugula microgreen seeds | Mixing Stick Organic seeds, non-GMO, sugar-free, dairy-free, vegan, Canadian brand. Send Mom a surprise she won't forget with our Mother's Day organic kale and arugula microgreen cards. Our organic microgreen seeds card allows Mom to Sow and Grow her own mini indoor microgreen garden. Gift-a-Green card-pouches act as the growing pot and come complete with coco coir growing medium, kale and arugula organic microgreen seeds and a mixing stick. Just Sow, Grow & Eat! We use only certified organic microgreen seeds that are safe, healthy, and delicious to eat, plus our products are packed by hand in Vancouver, B.C.