{Greeting Card} Happy Birthday Pouch

  • $12.99

Sunflower microgreens. 60 grams product weight Dehydrated coconut coir growing medium | organic sunflower microgreen seeds | Mixing Stick Organic seeds, non-GMO, sugar-free, dairy-free, vegan, Canadian brand. Say Happy Birthday with some serious ZIP! Why send a regular card when you can send a Gift-a-Green Happy Birthday “Sow and Grow” card with a sunflower surprise. Your recipient will get to try out their own green thumb and have tonnes of fun reading your personal message, opening the pouch, planting the seeds and growing their very own mini microgreen sunflower garden. Within 8-10 days they’ll be ready to harvest and eat. The best part is – your Gift-a-Green card will be on full display and have them thinking about you all week long.