"Cold 911" Bath Soak - Natural Menthol

"Cold 911" Bath Soak - Natural Menthol

  • $16.00

Epsom salts infused with natural Essential Oils (Eucalyptus and Peppermint).

  • Strongly scented to boost through any cold while soothing tired and achy muscles.
  • Eucalyptus is a powerful Essential Oil that can assist in killing cold causing bacteria not only in the human body but in the air.
  • Infused with Peppermint Essential Oil to aid in soothing tired and achy muscles.

This awesome combination will improve circulation and your respiratory system giving you the immune system boost needed during cold and flu season.

Use 1/3 cup per bath,  customers are welcome to use more depending on sensitivity to scent.

 *Ingredients: Water, Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Natural Menthol, Coconut Oil, Essential Oil Blend, Colour created with natural fruits/vegetable based powder exclusive to 1890.

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