Bait Bombs -  Catfish Blend (Fishing Bombs)

Bait Bombs - Catfish Blend (Fishing Bombs)

  • $9.99

Create a fish frenzy around your favourite offering; a fizzing action that will call in multiple species is what can be expected from our Bait Bombs. Simply drop your Bait Bomb under your line or toss towards your target area and allow it to reach the bottom. Once on the surface, your bait bomb will take approximately 2 minutes to dissolve, therefore forcing the attractant towards the surface. Our blends have an proprietary infused scent which will call in your trophy catch.  Yes; our Baits Bombs are guaranteed to be earth and eco friendly. Each bait is individually hand crafted and quality inspected, therefore giving you a superior product which we are proud to label under Young Tackle Supply in partnership with 1890.


Packaged 15 Bait Bombs per bag

Dissolve rate of 2 minutes.